• Air Cab Transportation requires our booking form completed including credit card information to guarantee reservations for new customers that are being picked up at the Stanfield International Airport.
• A “no show” fee equal to the trip cost plus 15% service fee will be charged if the passenger fails to check in at Ground Transportation or arrive at the designated pre-arranged pickup location.
• If a customer cannot locate our driver, it is the customer’s responsibility to call Air Cab Transportation at 1-902-802-4047. If we cannot locate you the Air Cab Transportation will attempt to call any contact numbers we have regarding the reservation before releasing the driver. The driver will be released 1 hour after your flight lands, if contact has not been made with the customer. If you are held up for any reason, lost or delayed baggage, long wait in customs etc. please let us know as soon as possible, so your driver does not leave the Airport.
• If a customer does not show up for their booked vehicle or cancels at the airport, the customer will be charged a Cancellation Fee equal to the trip cost plus 15% service fee.
• If you miss your flight, Air Cab Transportation must be called or texted at 1-902-802-4047 to avoid being charged Full Fair plus15% service fee “No show”.
• If your flight into Halifax Airport is cancelled, we will know and this is no problem and will be no charge to you. If your flight into Halifax Airport doesn’t land for any reason, wind, snow, fog or goes to another destination there will be no charge to you.
• If your flight is delayed (Example 5 hours) please don’t think that we are not waiting and decide to take another car as this will result in a full charges No show including base rate, plus 15% service fee. WE WILL BE THERE WHEN YOUR FLIGHT LANDS
• If you miss a connection and will not arrive in Halifax or you have been put on a different flight, please contact us immediately at 1-902-802-4047 to make new arrangements.


• Your vehicle will be at your pickup location at least 5 minutes or more before scheduled time. Please be ready to go on time.
• Pickups in areas outside Halifax Regional Municipality area require a credit card to secure the pickup. We will not guarantee pickup in those areas without a credit card to secure the trip.
• A “no show” fee equal to the trip cost plus 15% service fee will be charged if the passenger fails to be at the designated pickup location.
• Pick ups that are at multiple locations will be charged $5.00 for each one, the total fare will be added to the flat rate of the local airport rate. Long distance trips with multiple pickup or drop offs will be charged the kilometer rate of $1.80 or $2.05 per kilometer depending on if you order a MINIVAN or SUV.
• We require the number of passengers, amount of luggage, residence address including city and phone number of your pickup location and your personal cell number so that you can be contacted if required. Please let us know at the time of your booking if you will require Air Cab Transportation to pick you up on your return trip.


• Reservation can be booked at any time 24/7. We recommend to our clients to reserve at least 24 hours in advance. Less than 24 hours is subject to availability. We can not guarantee you availability on short time notice.
• Early morning trips with a pickup time before 6:00 am are dispatched by 8:00 pm the preceding night, all other calls are dispatched 2 hours before the pickup time.
• We recommend to our clients wishing early morning pick ups to please reserve before 8:00 pm the preceding night.
• We would like to have 1-2 hours notice for local pickups, we will try our best to arrange transportation for you, but we don’t make any guarantees. Long distance pickups must be arranged 24-48 hours in advance of your trip to ensure your transportation.


• Nova Scotia law requires that all passengers in vehicles so equipped shall use a seat belt. We strongly urge all passengers, and any minors they are responsible for, to comply with this law.
• Nova Scotia law requires that children under 40 pounds be restrained in an approved child seat. Any child between 40- 90 pounds or under 4 foot 6 inches be restrained in an approved child booster seat. Furnishing the seat, and buckling said seat into any Air Cab Transportation vehicle is the responsibility of the parent or guardian accompanying said child.