Historic Halifax Tour

Historic Halifax Tour

Tours of Historic Halifax

If you are coming to Nova Scotia and are interested in any Historic Tours of Halifax well you are in for a treat! You will most definitely want to put this tour on your agenda!

Our Nova Scotia Taxi Tours will not disappoint! In fact one of the most popular tours in the province is the Historic Halifax Walking Tour and the ever popular Peggy’s Cove Taxi Tour!

Historic Halifax

This historic tour of Halifax makes many stops in the city of Halifax including the following areas: Halifax Explosion, Pier 21, Halifax Public Gardens, Sinking of the RMS Titanic, Horse Shoe Island, Halifax Citadel and the changing of the guard, as well as a few other historically significant sites within HRM.

This Halifax historic tour would be around 3 to 4 hours in length and is fully customized depending on what you want to visit in Halifax.

This amazing historic tour of Halifax takes cruise ship visitors to the gateway to Canada where well over one million immigrants came to the province of Nova Scotia between 1928 and 1971 and passed through Pier 21 specifically.

Large Group Tours

If you are with a large group you may want to let us know in advance so we will be able to put together a multi-vehicle tour.

When you disembark the cruise ship look for our driver or tour guide who will be holding a sign with the name of the person in charge of booking your cruise ship tour of Halifax.

This Halifax Historic Tour is certainly at the top of the list for any tourists coming to our beautiful province of Nova Scotia.

Some of the many requested stops in old Halifax include the Immigration Museum at Pier 21, Point Pleasant Park, Halifax Public Gardens, Halifax Citadel, Historic Victorian and Georgian  Homes in the South End Of Halifax, and many other interesting hot spots in the city of Halifax Nova Scotia.

Other great spots to see while you are touring Halifax would be Halifax Explosion, the Titanic Burial Site, Fleming Park, and the War of 1812 exhibition.

Halifax Public Gardens

One of the finest surviving examples of Victorian Gardens in North America. Started in 1837 on four acres of common land, which was expanded to its sixteen acre size in 1866 and saw the addition of a bandstand, fountains, statues and wrought iron gates.

The bedding out of annuals in highly designed carpet beds ‎was established, Griffin’s Pond was redesigned and water fowl was introduced.

Halifax Citadel (National Historic Site)

The first fort was built in 1749 when the city was founded, was part of the western perimeter wall for the town which was protected by a total of five stockaded forts.‎

The current stone built, star-shaped fortress was completed in 1856, following twenty-eight years of construction. Today you can explore the fortress and see the hourly changing of the guards and the noon firing of the cannon.

Halifax Explosion

On December 6,1917 at 9:04:35am, the SS Mont-Blanc, a French cargo ship‎ fully loaded with wartime munitions collided with the Norwegian Relief Vessel, SS Imo.

Sparks from the collision started a fire that resulted in the largest man made explosion in the history of the world before the atomic bomb. All buildings and structures covering nearly 500 acres were obliterated, about 2,000 people were killed and 9,000 people were injured.

Titanic Exhibition

The White Star ‎luxury liner, RMS Titanic, the largest ship afloat at the time, sank in the North Atlantic on April 15,1912 at 2:20am after colliding with an Iceberg about 375 miles southwest of Newfoundland.

On her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City, USA, carrying 2,224 people of which only 710 people survived. There are 121 victims of the disaster buried in three grave sites in Halifax.

This is one of the most popular tours when checking out Historic Halifax NS.